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#1 Handyman Company in Lubbock, Texas

As a property owner in Lubbock, it is your mere responsibility to stay updated with the current maintenance of your home to avoid costly repair and damage. Although, On average, Individuals in Texas spend over 1-4% of their property value, on repair, new installation, or maintenance. For instance, $300,000 will demand around $3000 amount of repair for its upkeep each year which is a perfect reason to find a local carpenter that can handle handyman services. 

That much amount of money may seem excessive, especially if you are also responsible for the loan, insurance, and other stuff. However, if you ignore those repairs and maintenance associated with general improvement, you will end up with a much more expensive repair project down the line. Trust us, a complete floor replacement will cost you much less than replacing a single plank.

Whether you need to paint your walls, need gutter repair, want to replace the roof, or install a new floor, having a professional handymen team at your side is one of the best ways to avoid the frustration of spending thousands of dollars.

By inviting these professional handymen to handle your household or commercial jobs, you will surely end up saving a lot of money. A lot of property owners around Lubbock don’t believe this and try to handle things on their own. But unless they have a designated degree or experience in an industry, they will likely end up causing more harm than good. On the contrary, Service professionals can save a lot of money for you. By having those on your side, you won’t have to cover a cm on your inch.

Also, you can ensure your family’s safety as these service professionals always follow the safety standards set by the government. Along with that, Some of the tasks such as roofing can be immensely dangerous. If you don’t know how to perform it well, you may seriously injure yourself. However, by hiring a professional handymen company in Lubbock, you will be able to perform every kind of installation, repair, or maintenance job with utmost precautions. No offense, but they seriously can perform a job better than you would have done.

Don’t make these mistakes! Hire out professional residential and commercial professionals at Lubbock’s Top Handyman services to assist you on your home improvement list. To know more, Call 806-630-0270 today!

Reliable Solutions from Lubbock’s Top Handymen

Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow resolve your property repair and maintenance with just a call? Well, Lubbock’s Top Handymen provides the most effective results to maintain the integrity of a functional home or office. From repairing your home & office to standard maintenance, You can count on our Lubbock’s Top Handyman service professionals to provide ever-lasting solutions that reflect the highest of quality. We’re proud to be a neighborly handymen company that works for and with customers. As a trusted handyman services’ brand in Lubbock, All of our work is backed by a warranty policy. We’re not just specialized in a single industry – but can easily handle tasks associated with plumbing, roofing, electrical, flooring & much more. Just one simple call – and one of our professional handymen in Lubbock’s will be available at your place at a glance. 

For over a decade, Home & business owners have trusted us for providing them with professional and qualitative service to upkeep their property in a mannered way. Also, We listen to the complete problem of each valued customer before connecting them with a trusted handyman to complete your project. Each day, we receive numerous calls from individuals seeking help across Lubbock’s and the surrounding area as well. The service pros with Lubbock’s top Handymen network are skilled in more than 6+ home improvement verticals, from pipe repair to floor installation. In addition, we also provide service for every type of commercial and industrial property. To get the best solution, Gather the complete information regarding your project and talk with one of the members of our customer support team.

Why Choose Us?


Many General Contractors are too flooded with handling small to medium gigs like handyman services around your area which substantially decreases the level of quality. If you want someone who can do a job clean, professional, and more efficiently, Then Lubbock’s Top Handyman will be the wisest choice for you.

Also, A lot of handymen companies outsource most of their work to small subcontractors. With Lubbock’s Top Handyman, You can cut the hassle of “middle man” and work directly with the people who are responsible to boost your sense of luxurious lifestyle. In short, you will get to know what exactly you will receive alongside a timely process and communication.

To enable this, we have streamlined processes with a mixture of software and technology in a way that you will be leftover with tasks that reflect mere professionalism. Say no to the headaches and hassle of maintaining your home now, Let Lubbock’s Top Handyman be your forever friend.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our team of quality craftsmen in Lubbock covers a wide array of handymen tasks including plumbing, painting, electrical, carpentry, flooring, and roofing. No job in the mentioned vertical is too large or small for our skilled team. Our team is perfect for all your handyman services.

Consistency in Excellence

Whether you will need us for a one-time service or ongoing maintenance that runs throughout the year, With Lubbock’s Top Handyman, you will always receive a consistent job that reflects mere excellence.

Helpful Customer Support 

Our customer service team is available to provide definite support before, during, and after the project. You can also put your questions up on the FAQ section mentioned on the website or can reach out to us with your queries on the contact us page.

We leave no stone unturned

Our work cycle is result-oriented. Thus we leave no stone unturned by making a detailed list of your requirements, analyzing them in brief, and providing the best possible solutions.


We always keep a track of our existing customer base and their progress towards a successful project. Followed by this, We track and note every project status and notify clients for a smooth transaction.

We keep the job site clean

We give utmost importance to cleanliness at the workplace. To do so, we clean workplaces after each job and make the environment neat as it was before.

Qualified Professionals

We verify and select only the members who are qualified for a certain job and provide proper background checks on the same.

Some of our Handyman Services

handyman_services_lubbock_replacing_door knob


Lubbock’s Top Handyman handle each carpentry project with great care and attention to detail. Each job is carried out by an experienced carpenter and tested under a set of guidelines for the best outcome. 



A Painting job can stimulate the entire interior and exterior look of your home while uplifting the room ambiance. On the other hand, It increases the value of your existing space in the property market. Need something similar? Leave the hassle to our experienced painters and decorators who promise to make your space look great. 



Lubbock’s Top Handyman can help you easily with common plumbing issues such as clogged drains, broken pipes, heating system replacement & much more. Whenever you face a plumbing issue, Feel free to call us!



Protecting the top of your home is merely important. Whether you just have a few shingles broken or need an entire revamping using different material, Roofers at Lubbock’s Top Handyman are all available to serve you.



Whatever electrical issues you are facing, Lubbock’s Top Handyman has the competency to fix it perfectly. We usually repair LED lighting, ceiling fans, home appliances & much more daily and are versatile enough to work on any gadget that runs on electricity. 



Start enjoying the feel for a new floor without the hassle of installing it yourself. Our team of flooring professionals in Lubbock, Texas can provide an astonishing floor built to last for years. 

How Lubbock’s Top Handyman Services Works


Choose A Service 

Lubbocks’ Top Handymen provides a plethora of services based on complexity. Let us know what specific help you need and we will provide you an estimation asap. 

Request an Appointment Online 

Done with the service and price? Let us know your availability so we can schedule an appointment for you. 

Pay Upon Completion 

Pay only after you are satisfied with the job done. 

What our handyman customers are saying...

Hats off to Lubbock’s Top Handyman. I was so amazed at their patience level when I ordered them to change the color and add things in between jobs. The whole team was well-mannered and respectful. I appreciate their behavior and responsiveness in answering all my queries. They support my values, and I enjoyed their company while they were around. Thank you all, for making my flooring experience so good. The home looks so beautiful now, Highly recommended to everyone!!!! – Thomas Price

The Lubbock’s Top Handyman arrived exactly on the promised time with the full kit and carried out the job operations professionally. Starting from the drainage cleaning to the doorbell installation, Each task was way too perfect. They even cleaned up all the mess afterward leaving no trace of any repair. I am so pleased to choose them as my preferred handyman company and will not hesitate to get their service again! – Kat Iger

Perfection in the carpentry and painting job done in the last week over our garage. We have some scheduling difficulties, but they are versatile enough in finding an ideal time that works for both of the parties. They also answered all my queries promptly and made the job done on time. Highly Recommended!!! – Susan Holland

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Whenever you need home improvement assistance around Lubbock’s, you should always rely on a technician that is prompt to your response and provides complete transparency associated with the services and cost. That’s why smart homeowners and businessmen prefer Lubbock’s Top Handyman to be their guide.


We know how busy a lifestyle can be. With so many things to manage daily, It’s very much mandatory to have a team that you can trust to tackle the to-do task associated with your home or commercial establishment. As a customer-focused solution provider, Our team is dedicated to redefining the home improvement service experiences throughout our customer base located in Lubbock & the surrounding area.


Our handymen know what it means to be professional and the expectation that a consumer can feel. That’s why we seek to go beyond customer imagination and get things done right in the first attempt. We’re actively raising the bar for the properties in Lubbock by contributing trust and support. With so much to take care of, Our goal remains the same i.e Customer Satisfaction.


We have served a lot of verticals till now and are still open to anyone seeking home improvement in Lubbock including:


      Home Builders

      Interior Designers


      Property Managers



Lubbock’s Top Handyman knows how helpful it feels to have someone on your side that can answer all your questions related to home improvement directly. If you do have some queries for us, Call at 806-630-0270 or schedule an appointment on a call today!