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As a property or business owner in Lubbock, you already know that your owned space needs constant care and attention in order to get a better lifestyle. Pipe leaking, deck installation, wires shocking, light installation, broken tiles & the list goes on. Caring for it can be overwhelming, especially when you are constantly surrounded by family, work and social responsibilities. On the other hand, you might lack the expertise to get the things done yourself. When things like these happen, it’s not mandatory to spend your weekend on figuring out how to get things done. With Lubbock’s local Handyman, your job will be done in no time, leaving you with the freedom to enjoy your day or night. 

Our experienced team of handymen possess a hard skill set and comprehensive experience in fixing household issues. Whether it will be installing a new bathroom, repair floors or even solving fencing issues, Lubbock’s Top local Handyman can assist you in everything. You can call us anytime at 806-630-0270 to discuss your questions, and one of our staff representatives will talk you through a comprehensive home repair & renovation session under free consultation. Contact us today and get your home back to its original position in negligible time. 



At Lubbock’s Top Handyman, we seek to provide a unique experience to each customer. By being one of the oldest and most prominent handymen companies in Lubbock, We strive to maintain strong ethics and service standards that most of the contractors lack. We have been doing this since 97’ and are proud of the achievement we reached so far.


Despite this incredible growth and approach to limitless assets, we still see ourselves as a local company. Every tradesman of our company holds a trade license, and are open to provide their respective service despite distinguishing between any set of customers.




Over the last few years, we have served 1000+ customers throughout Lubbock & surrounding areas. We strongly believe that this success is the plant of professional approach, quality tradesmanship, and work ethics. Moreover, our team of handymen aren’t just accountable to us, but you as well resulting in more motivation towards providing the best service possible. In short, you will get a worry-free experience without having any hassle throughout your entire home checklist. With us, you can expect to get things done quickly and perfectly.



Do your home need home repair, a help in little maintenance or an uplift in the form of installing something? Lubbock’s Top Handyman can handle it all. We serve throughout Lubbock, Texas & surrounding areas. To request a free estimate or information, feel free to fill out our contact form, and one of our designated service handymen will contact you back for discussing your project goals.